The indigenous literacy gap. Allura Partners supports ILF


Over the past two years, Allura Partners growth has been attributed to the high calibre and seasoned recruiters that have joined our firm. Each member of our team with their unique experience, style and approach has positively contributed to our evolving culture. One common value that is personally held high across the team is our desire to assist those less fortunate.

Late last year, the team at Allura Partners embarked on a search to find a charity that resonated with all of us and our values. With thousands of charities to choose from, we decided to focus our search for a local charity that supported both children and their education.

Allura Partners is proud to announce our partnership with the Indigenous Literacy Foundation (ILF), a charity committed to closing the literacy gap between indigenous and non-indigenous students across Australia.

What is the Indigenous literacy gap?

Only 34% of Indigenous Year 5 students in very remote areas are at or above national minimum reading standards, compared to 95% for non-Indigenous students in major cities, according to the 2017 NAPLAN. The situation is improving but there is still a long way to go and the challenges are immense.

Apart from the historical, health, social, and educational disadvantage issues, many remote communities don’t have many, if any, books. Most of the remote communities have fewer than five books in family homes.

What does ILF do?

  • Their approach to raising literacy levels starts at a community level with Book Supply where quality books are gifted to organisations operating in remote communities.

  • Additionally, their Book Buzz program in a WA community shows how giving children under five the right books in their own language, develops early literacy skills.

  • Through their Community Literacy Projects, they work and publish books in many Aboriginal languages, from Walmajarri in the Kimberley region, to Arabana in South Australia, to Kriol in the Katherine region.

In addition to being an official sponsor of ILF and to celebrate our new partnership, we will be holding a “Great Book Swap” to help raise additional and much needed funds to help support the foundation to achieve their goals.

Stay tuned for more details on our planned “Great Book Swap” and regular updates regarding ongoing partnership with ILF.