A lunch date with a private equity CEO

Over the coming weeks Adrian Belle, Managing Director of Allura Partners will host a lunch with Chief Executives that he has placed to lead private equity backed investments.

During the lunch he will explore how Anthea Muir and Tim Hickey have transitioned from leading ASX listed and/or global corporations to turning around, transforming and/or growing smaller, fast paced and nimble private equity backed investments.

It will be intriguing to learn how:

  • Tim Hickey took control of Affinity Education merely a few weeks after Anchorage Capital Partners acquired the company off the ASX, appointed a new leadership team and drove the required turnaround strategy; and

  • Anthea Muir, after a twenty-year career at Luxottica has relished her first 12 months leading and driving the growth strategy for Laser Clinics Australia on behalf of KKR Australia

We are certainly looking forward to asking these executives how they have achieved what they have achieved, what they have learnt along the way and any tips for aspiring executives seeking a career leading a private equity backed investment.

Watch this space in the coming weeks for insights into each lunch date.