Andrew Smith promoted to Director and FY18 highlights

The financial year of 2018 is the first financial year for Allura Partners and what a year it has been!

We are extremely proud to have grown the firm to six strong over the past 12 months. In doing so we have built an awesome culture, launched new divisions, won new clients, delivered some exceptional work and had an enormous amount of fun along the way.

We are big believers in culture driving performance and no doubt it does because in FY18 we tripled revenue on expectation and positioned the business for a strong start to FY19.

In August we welcomed Leanne Wells to the firm, launching our insurance service offering. We also welcomed Melanie Hui to strengthen our research capability and build out our operations to support the planned growth. A month later, Tom Hattersley joined the firm to support Andrew Smith, servicing the accounting & finance markets across commerce & industry and private equity.

Shortly thereafter the fun kicked in and off we all went to Brisbane for the second day of the first Ashes Test. This was our first company trip away that included an impromptu boat race against one of our clients; a team of England supporting private equity directors. We lost the boat race but won the cricket!

With a taste for planes and a great 2017 behind us, we decided what better way to enjoy Christmas than a seaplane to Palm Beach and lunch at Jonah’s.


In early 2018 we turned one and welcomed Oliver Wilson to the team to build out our contacting service offering within accounting & finance. Not only is Oliver an exceptional temporary & contract recruiter with proven local experience building and managing teams, he is also an aeronautical nerd – not an overstatement!

With the stories of the seaplane adventure still buzzing around the office and Oliver feeling like he had missed out, this month we all buckled up for a helicopter flight to the Hunter Valley and lunch at Bistro Molines to celebrate a fantastic financial year!


Team chopper3.jpg
Team Bistro.jpg

A key factor to our success and growth to date and a massive influencer on our culture has been Andrew Smith. Andrew joined Allura Partners at inception and with big plans, that include securing new office space to support the growth, from the 1st July Andrew Smith has been promoted to a Director. Congratulations Andrew, well done, you deserve it.

Bring on FY19!