Career Advice For Private Equity

Executive Chair, CEO and C-suite opportunities with private equity backed investments are both demanding and rewarding. No doubt upon successful exit, executives working for a private equity backed investment can walk away with a life changing amount of money. These facts ensure when opportunities to work for a private equity backed investment are presented to market, they are highly sought after and competitive.

Like our networking services, Allura Partners has a track record of introducing executives wishing to forge a career in private equity. Should you be an executive seeking a move to private equity, Allura Partners can provide you with tips on how to present and market yourself to maximise your chance of securing a career in private equity.

Tips for meeting private equity FIRMS

Unlike corporate interviews where potential hiring managers want to know specific facts about your present or former employers, pertinent examples of your achievements etc., a director of a private equity firm is seeking investment opportunities and is keen to explore potential ideas you might bring to the table.

What you can bring is market insight to your career to date; competitors, trends, latest news and potential targets. By exploring investment opportunities, you will quickly demonstrate your commercial and strategic mindset that will resonate with private equity. This approach will also demonstrate how agnostic your skills and experiences are across different industries.

This may lead to working with the firm on an investment thesis where you will assist with market specific due diligence and could ultimately lead to an Executive Chair, CEO and C-suite opportunity upon successful acquisition.

In the event, there is not a deal in the current pipeline that aligns with your skills and experience, your profile will be on their radar if a suitable investment opportunity emerges. Should this occur, a consultant from Allura Partners will be contact to discuss the potential investment opportunity and arrange a follow up meeting with the relevant private equity firm.