Private Equity Services

After a frenetic period of IPO’s and trade sales, the private equity market in Australia is poised to shift from disposals to acquisitions. Additionally, with both international private equity giants and local tier one players all boasting billions of dollars in their respective funds, the hunt for acquisitions has never been more challenging. That said, it is expected that more Australian businesses are likely to be courted by private equity investors than at any time since the global financial crisis. These factors are all stacking up for exciting times ahead for the private equity market in Australia.

Pre-acquisition services

At Allura Partners we support our private equity clients through all stages of the investment lifecycle, from pre-deal CEO and board identification, specific market intelligence, to the assessment of the acquired management team.

From time to time, Allura Partners has partnered with companies seeking private equity capital and has provided advice in regards to which private equity firm may suit their business culture, size, strategy and proposed equity stake on offer.

Our pre-acquisition work includes:

  • Executive search
    • CEO, COO  & CFO – focused at identifying proven CEO, COO and CFO’s to assist the private equity firm with market specific due diligence and ultimately lead the investment upon successful acquisition; and
    • Chair & Non-Executive Director – focused at identifying a Chairperson and/or Non-Executive Director(s) seeking an active board role.
  • Market intelligence
  • Management team assessment
  • Deal identification

Portfolio Company Services

Following a successful acquisition our private equity clients look to Allura Partners for specialist support with leadership advisory services and recruitment of key members of the executive leadership team to support the Chief Executive.

Leadership advisory service – evaluation of the portfolio company structure, leadership team, culture and skillset to ensure the team executes the strategy and business plan through to a successful exit.

Executive search – identifying senior level executives with the relevant mindset, skills and experience to perform in a private equity backed investment. Through our rigorous and proven private equity recruitment process we closely examine candidates and analyse critical moments in their careers for insights into how they might navigate and overcome the challenges they will face working for a private equity backed investment. Our proven private equity recruitment process strives to ensure the appointed candidate plays his or her role in driving the investment to a successful exit.


Allura Partners pre-acquisition and portfolio company services operate across the entire market and is industry agnostic, rather the services and rigorous process focuses on identifying candidates who have proven skills and experiences to ensure they succeed in a private equity backed investment.

Career advice for private equity

Like our networking services, Allura Partners has a track record of introducing executives wishing to forge a career in private equity and introducing them to relevant firms in Australia. Should you be an executive seeking a move to private equity, Allura Partners can assist you.