Executive Search

Allura Partners has a proven track record in delivering executive search solutions. No matter what stage of the economic cycle we are experiencing, the competition for top talent remains unchanged. We know where to find the executives you need but more importantly have the experience, knowledge, network and methodology to entice, attract and engage the very best talent to your organisation.

Our executive search practice prides itself on the delivery of fast and effective search solutions.

Our knowledge & network

In the highly competitive search for the best executive talent, you don’t want to waste time educating your consultant on the realities of your business, industry and your competitors. At Allura Partners all of our consultants possess extensive local experience and maintain and constantly refresh strong personal networks to engage the best current and future executive talent.

Personal service & accountability

The consultant you engage to work with you, will manage every aspect of your executive search, providing you with distinctly personal service and direct accountability. The consultant that you engage with will be the person representing your brand to the market and will partner with you through every stage of the process and beyond.

The search

With the objective well defined through a detailed briefing process, our consultants liaise with you to develop a targeted search list. We personally and confidentially engage our local and global relationships to identify candidates prepared to meet your needs. In addition to drawing from our pre-qualified network of contacts, we conduct research of appropriate organisations to identify candidates with the necessary skills, knowledge, attributes and potential.

This process is also supported by technology that simultaneously runs your requirements through relevant tools. To stay on the cutting edge of talent acquisition strategy, we constantly track key talent trends in global markets and continually strive to innovate our services and approaches.

Through this rigorous process, we closely examine candidates who appear to be a potential match, analysing critical moments in their careers for insights into how they might navigate the challenges they would face in your targeted role and adapt to your company culture.


Advertising, when relevant, may be suggested as an additional talent generation channel. Allura Partners has considerable experience working with online career sites and national media.

Engaging talent

Our consultants approach the best qualified candidates personally, professionally and discreetly. We acknowledge that the best candidates are sometimes the hardest to connect with and ultimately even harder to engage with given their track record and career path. Our business experience, seniority, dedication and passion enables our consultants to offer these potential candidates valuable insights into the market, industry, their current employer and ultimately your targeted role to entice, attract and engage them to consider the move.

Presentation of long-list

Once engaged and prior to us conducting interviews with candidates, we will solicit your feedback on the profiles of the long-list.  

Our evaluation

As our consultants move deeper into conversation with interested, well-qualified candidates, we conduct interviews supported by our sophisticated and rigorous interview process.

Interviews are behavioural and competency based.  Preference-based interviewing prevents candidates from tailoring their responses, while competency-based questions are designed to assess a candidate’s suitability against essential role criteria. Behavioural-based interview questions are tailored for each assignment.  The same questions are put to each applicant to maximise the objectivity of the assessment process.

Our evaluation goes far beyond the traditional record check and referencing. We methodically identify the candidate’s full range of capabilities, personal tendencies, and behavioural characteristics, gain penetrating insights into their readiness to perform in the targeted role and assess how smoothly they would integrate into your organisation and culture.

Presentation of shortlist

We will present you with reports on each of the candidates short-listed.  The reports will include recommendations of suitability focusing on the candidates’:

• Skills, knowledge, experience and competence necessary to successfully perform the role;

• Attributes, desire to do the job and culture fit; and

• Remuneration, availability/notice period and ability to relocate if appropriate.

Reference & probity checking

We will conduct structured reference checks based on your feedback on the preferred candidates once the interests of both parties have been confirmed.  Where you have indicated that qualifications or certifications are mandatory, we will endeavour to verify these. Referees will be qualified to ensure governance.

The negotiation

As the search process enters the final stages, we serve as problem solvers and facilitators. As trusted advisors to both client and candidate, our consultants will understand each of the candidate’s requirements compared to the client brief and will work to facilitate a solution by effective communication. Ultimately our consultants have a track record of facilitating successful hiring negotiations.

Offer Management

We will handle offer negotiations on your behalf and provide counselling as required.  We will confirm the successful candidate’s commencement date with you.


Our value-add does not end with a successful hire. For newly appointed employees, the first few weeks and months in the role are critical. They must quickly understand the culture, set the right priorities, and establish credibility with colleagues and stakeholders. Throughout the first 90 days, our consultants will gain feedback from the appointed individual, ideally meeting with them one-on-one allowing them briefly to set aside all-consuming operational priorities, reflect on progress, identify and prioritise early wins, and calibrate their approach as needed. We will then gather and provide this candid feedback on their first impressions to ensure a successful on-boarding process. This solution is provided both ways and our consultants with your granted permission can provide your feedback directly to the candidate. This open and transparent solution ensures the successful hire is a long-term asset to your organisation.


We will maintain regular contact with you and the successful candidate long after the assignment is placed.  Our aim is to ensure that both parties are satisfied with the outcome of the assignment and the candidate is a long term appointment.